Standard Services


Venga Velo is way more than just drilled fat bike rims. VV offers a full range of the usual services. Pricing is as straightforward as I can make it: a buck a minute with a $10 minimum. No “Tune-Up” or “Overhaul” packages. No feigning the adjustment of sealed bearings that can’t be adjusted or other such nonsense. Just honest pricing for what needs doing. A price list for the most frequently-requested services is here.



record crank
Campagnolo Spoken Here


And Shimano and SRAM, too. Unlike some shops that sneer at whichever component group they deem inferior, VV will take care of you and your bike with absolutely no attitude.



Internet Upgrades?


In a word: YES! We all know that the best deals on bike parts are found online, just as we know that no brick and mortar shop can compete with the e-tailers. Sometimes, buying online is the only way to get exactly what you want at the price you want to pay. I get that; I often do it, too. But there are times you just don’t have the time or the tools to install your new (or new-to-you) components. And most local bike shops won’t touch a used component or one purchased online. What’s a cyclist to do?


I’m happy to install and tune your internet-sourced or previously-owned components. Since I’m not a conventional shop and don’t have the overhead they do, I’m happy to work around your needs. Sure, I can get most items for you next day and save you a bit off retail, but honestly, I’m more interested in wrenching than selling.

Bring your upgrades to VV! No lectures, no bad feelings.