Hand Built Wheels

hand-built road wheels
Nothing will transform your bike like a fine pair of lightweight hand-built wheels. Whether you ride dirt or gravel, road or track, Venga Velo will build a special pair of wheels that amaze and delight you each time you roll out.  

hand-built fat bike wheels

All custom wheel builds begin with a consultation: What do you expect from your wheels? Are you a spinner or a masher? Lots of air or all terra firma? These and a number of other factors require discussion and careful consideration before component selection can begin.


Choosing the perfect components for your wheels may seem overwhelming but I’m here to help. Whether you want simple, low-key commuter wheels or high-zoot boutique hubs and carbon rims, I will guide you to the perfect combination.

pearl built

Once we’ve settled on components the build can begin. My wheels are evenly tensioned and stress-relieved for long life and minimal maintenance. If you’re not thrilled with them, the build labor is free!