Fat Bikes


Taking the Fat Out of Fat Bikes

Fat bikes need not be morbidly obese. There are many affordable ways of substantially reducing the weight of your bike.

Custom fat bikes are my specialty. Whether you want to build up a new frameset or customize your existing bike, VV will make your fat bike lighter, quicker and one of a kind.

Clearance, Clarence!


Bud and Lou have redefined tires for fat bikes. It often takes some creativity, but many fat bikes can be fitted with these traction monsters!

Want to stuff the fattest tires possible under your fat bike? Does conventional wisdom say your frame won’t accommodate the latest super fat tires like Bud, Lou or Big Fat Larry (no offense, Larry)? I beg to differ. I’ve got Bud and Lou playing very nicely on my supposedly non-compatible Fatback. 

Need help eliminating chain rub in the lowest gears? Have an idea for something not tried before? I’m all about the path less traveled and love problem solving. Bring it.