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Sober as a preacher.

Venga? No, ¡ Venga ! Loosely translated from the Basque language, it means “come on!” Anyone who has watched Le Tour or la Vuelta will instantly recognize it as a scream of encouragement to the riders from the orange-clad (and frequently intoxicated) Basque cycling fanatics. It also happens to be the name of my orange cat. So there’s that.


Cyclists in the Twin Cities are lucky to have several fine bike shops to choose between. South of the river, however, the choices for servicing your high-end bike are pretty grim. That’s where VV comes in.


If you’ve looked around the site a bit, it should be clear that VV is not a typical bike shop. Rather, Venga Velo is a Custom Bicycle Workshop. If you’re looking for a trendy hangout with track lighting, glass display cases and an espresso bar, I’m not your guy. If, on the other hand, you simply want quality workmanship at a fair price, I think you’ll be pleased with my services.

Drop me a line today. Let’s discuss your ideas and get to work!




About Chris


As a life-long cyclist, I have over 30 years’ experience building and tuning bicycles. Starting with my single-speed/coaster brake/banana seat AMF “Spirit of ’76”, I began endlessly disassembling and rebuilding it if for no other reason than entertainment. This carried over to the day I brought home my first real bike, a Trek 500 purchased from the original Penn Cycle in Richfield. I’ve always worked on my own bikes and the thought of handing one over to a bike shop makes me a bit nauseous.


Racing has been a love-hate aspect of cycling for me. I entered my first criterium at the State Fairgrounds at the age of 14 (two off the front, took the field sprint finishing third). As a professed sprinter, I eventually found my way to track racing at the National Sports Center Velodrome. These days, races are few and far between for me, though I’ll never back down from a city limits sprint.



Yep, daylight.


I’ve been a gear head for nearly as long as I’ve been cycling. A string of very quick street/strip cars and even a stint with motorcycles has influenced the way I approach bikes. It cultivated a unique aesthetic in me. I think that is a big part of what makes the bikes I build stand out. I’ll build your bike any way you wish, but if you ask my advice be prepared for something edgy and esoteric. Black on black is dead as Johnny Cash.


Last and most important: I stand behind my work. If you are unhappy with my service, I’ll make it right. Simple as that.


Thanks for visiting.


¡ Venga Venga !